One of the things people comment on when at the School is the breath-taking array of co-curricular activities on offer.  Students are able to choose from a smorgasbord of activities; finding those that truly ignite their passion.  Staff (and students) run a huge variety of co-curricular activities and pupils are encouraged to become widely involved in a range of enterprises.

School trips, at home and abroad, help to extend the cultural and social horizons of our students and support for charities – whether as an individual, a member of a Form or House or a member of the school – is encouraged and recognised. Members of the 上学校 and 六 participate in regular community service.

The Junior and bt365app pages in this section will give you a flavour of the activities that are available throughout the year.

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Come to Our Next Open Morning

We encourage anyone interested in joining Habs to visit during one of our School in Action mornings. At present these take the form of Virtual 开放日.



Virtual Open Day bt365app 

Virtual Open Day bt365app