Welcome to the bt365app section of the Habs website. We hope that you are enthused by our approach to the education of pupils between the ages of 4 and 11 and that it will encourage you to visit the school to find out more from some of the people in our community: the pupils, the staff and existing parents.

We believe in a holistic school culture which prioritises the education of the whole person through creative, broad-based and independent learning. We value the pupils’ personal, social, spiritual and physical development as much as their academic development.

When a child joins us at either 4 or 7, she becomes a Habs girl not just for the time she is in the bt365app but until she leaves us to go to university at 18. We share the whole school mission to prepare the pupils for life beyond school, proud to play our part in the early years of their journey to becoming independent, resilient, resourceful young women who have the confidence and skills to fulfil their dreams and ambitions.

The younger pupils benefit enormously from the role modelling, leadership and support of their older ‘sisters’ in the bt365app. They enjoy the continuity and peace of mind of a seamless transition between the two sections of the school at 11+. They also have the unique advantage in this part of the world of good neighbours in Habs 男孩的学校 with whom to share learning opportunities while retaining the benefits of a single sex school environment.

We are proud to be a diverse community in which people’s difference and individuality, as learners as much as human beings, are cherished and celebrated. Above all, we know that, whether learning through play, solving problems or overcoming challenges, our pupils enjoy their learning and genuinely have fun at school.

We hope that you and your daughters will visit soon to see this for yourselves and to get to know us in person.

Come to Our Next Open Morning

We encourage anyone interested in joining Habs to visit during one of our School in Action mornings. At present these take the form of Virtual 开放日.



Virtual Open Day bt365app 

Virtual Open Day bt365app